RisorSe is the story of the meeting that took place in 2004 with PerformanSe, editor of effective assessment tools for behavioural and motivational skills in the workplace and several experts in assessment processes, balance of skills and managerial development.
Since then we design growth paths based on a relational and systemic approach, to respond to the individual and collective development needs of people and organizations. We also take care of the diffusion of the PerformanSe methodologies, offering the chance of employing autonomously the PerformanSe solutions through a specific qualifying training to HR managers, Coaches, Consultants and Guidance Operators.

The origin of the PerformanSe model and the deontological approach

In the 1970s, human resource management was particularly focused on long-term planning, talent identification and the best way to recognize and evaluate workers’ capabilities to schedule staff development according to the specific strategies of the organization. In that period, those available tools, which we would nowadays call "classic", were not suited to the company dimension and were not either designed to be a real decision-making aid in the skills management process.

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Starting from this need, in 1987, Jean Bernard Fournier, who had been, until then, in charge of the employees’ management in a large company, discovered the first expert systems dedicated to behavioural assessment in the United States and realized that this new technology could provide an appropriate solution to these needs in companies of all sizes. In 1988, thanks to a partnership in the Silicon Valley, PerformanSe was born (S for System and E for Expert), founded and based in Nantes. In the same year Serge Baquedano, an expert in psychology, and Jaques Philippé, an experienced university professor of Artificial Intelligence, joined the company. In the same period the first partnership is signed with the research laboratory in Artificial Intelligence of the Polytechnic of Nantes. The aim was to provide an assessment of behavioural skills as real and precise as possible, but to achieve this it was clear that the knowledge bases had to be enriched, and the algorithms to become more sophisticated and powerful. This is how PerformanSe began as a start-up, focused on research and advanced technology, with a specific purpose: to develop scientific tools, thanks to the artificial intelligence, for the development of skills and motivations in the professional context.

The study of behaviours is dealt with from the dynamic point of view, because the person is considered as a complex system in permanent interaction with its context. The new idea is to go beyond the usual behavioural typologies that are too rigid and stigmatizing, to arrive at a more detailed description of the behaviour in a working environment. For the first time, the results of the evaluation are presented through a narrative report, rich, accurate, understandable and sharable with the person who effectively becomes the actor of his own development. Since then, the PerformanSe platform has integrated new tools, becoming the most widespread platform in France and establishing itself internationally through a network of 25 partners.
10 questions to choose the assessment and management skills tool that is right for you!

The choice of a tool for assessing and managing behavioural skills is a strategic act that requires the effort of the company for several years. It must respond to precise fields of application, to requirements of reliability and efficiency, but also to more qualitative expectations concerning the ethical dimension, the scientific nature, the congruence of the evaluation methods and the impact on the company image. This type of choice inevitably passes through a set of systematic reflections that concern both the instrument and its editor.

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