Assessment & Assessment Design

A company is an entity made up of people who work together, each of whom contributes a specific value to the organisation. Such an entity has needs: to select new hires, grow them, manage internal mobility processes and training programs.

And a key element to meet these needs is to:


We will talk to your company and conduct an analysis: which soft skillsdo you require from your employees? Which skills do you need for a particular role or function? This is where we start from to build an assessment activity: we will recommend the most appropriate tools for you and help you harmonize their use within a personalized assessment process, specifically tailored on your requirements.

There are two reasons why analysing skills within an organisation is necessary:

  • It allows you to obtain a complete picture of the resources you have in your organisation, which helps you find out which skills are lacking and consequently how to design appropriate training plans;
  • It helps you clarify which skills you consider to be essential for a specific role, so as to understand to what extent an individual matches the profile you are looking for or the position they already hold. From here, you may take different roads depending on what you want to obtain. From here, you may take different roads depending on what you want to obtain.
Our method

The first step will be a meeting with the management and with Human Resources managers to identify your objectives. We will guide these leaders through the adoption of the tools they need and establish how to use them, providing them with indications on which tools are useful in the specific situations they have to handle and teaching them how and when to apply those tools, depending on what they want to analyse. We will define a methodology for the procedures to be implemented for the assessment of people. We will create customized projects by using a mix of tools and our expertise.

Meeting with HR managers
Adoption of tools
Definition of a methodology
Customized project

To facilitate your work with a specific methodology called “Lead Up”, we may customize skill parameters by using the Perf Talent tool, which allows for the construction of a skill model. This model classifies skills by role and function, depending on the strategic goals of the company. We will enter the parameters you selected in the set of tools to be used and create a skill profile for each role requested. In the skill library, among the various indicators available, we will select those behaviours and values that, all together, constitute the skills you identified. After an appropriate assessment, we will then obtain a profile that specifies the level for each skill. During the exploration process, when we learn about the individual on whom we are focusing, we will assess the skills of the person against your corporate parameters to ensure that the soft skills of the candidate match those you are looking for. This will tell us to what extent the characteristics of a person are consistent with or differ from a given task.

Then, if you wish to manage the assessment process internally, but you need to design your own customized path, we will offer our know-how to guide you through the identification of the assessment approach that best suits your needs.

The result is greater satisfaction for everybody: for the employee, in identifying his/her professional profile, and for the company, in achieving its objectives.

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