We need change. Since 1988, PerformanSe has devoted time and energy to understanding human beings in the workplace. PerformanSe designes, develops and distributes decision-making support tools for the assessment and development of skills and to improve individual and collective performances.

The “traditional” tools that were available in the 70’s were not appropriate for today’s corporate sizes and had not been designed to offer true help in managing skills in the decision-making process. So, starting from this need, in 1987, Jean Bernard Fournier, the HR manager of a large corporation in the United States, figured out the first expert systems for the assessment of behaviours and understood that this new technology could have been a turning point.

That is how in 1988, through a partnership in the Silicon Valley, PerformanSe (S for System, E for Expert) was incorporated, based in Nantes (France). 

The start-up

During that same year, Serge Baquedano, expert in psychology, and Jacques Philippé, university professor and expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI), joined the company. The first partnership with the Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory of Politech Nantes was signed. The aim was to provide the most real and accurate possible assessment of behavioural competencies, but that required more sophisticated and powerful algorithms. So PerformanSe started focusing on research and advanced technologies with one objective in mind: to develop scientific tools to understand and develop skills and motivation in professional situations.

A systemic and pedagogical approach

The study of behaviour was approached from a dynamic point of view, with the person being considered as a complex system having permanent interactions with context. Going beyond customary types, considered excessively rigid and stigmatizing, could lead to a more detailed description of behaviour in the work situations. For the first time, the results of assessments were presented through an accurate and understandable narrative report that could socialize with the person, who thus became an actor of his or her own development. Since then, the PerformanSe platform has always integrated new tools, becoming the most popular platform in France and establishing itself globally through a network of 25 partners.

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“Survival depends on two phenomena or contrasting processes, on two ways of reaching adaptation. Like Janus, evolution always has to look into directions: inward, towards the regularity of development and the physiology of living creatures, and outward, towards the vagaries and needs of the environment.”

Why PerformanSe tools?

Since its foundation, PerfomanSe has recognised the great value of scientific research. The tools offered by PerfomanSe are validated every 4 years by universities and external dedicated organisations, according to the principles laid down by APA (the American Psychological Association).

A Resources and Development Department works constantly to ensure the scientific accuracy and soundness of our tools and their continuous innovation, relying on a solid psychometric expertise. Our innovation and research approach is supported by an independent scientific committee made up of university teachers from different disciplines. PerformanSe is the only European publisher that obtained the specific ISO 10667-2 certification for the quality of its assessment tool design and construction processes. PerformanSe is compliant with the principles laid down by the Association