Licensing PerformanSe

Skills are the foundations of the professional and personal satisfaction building we want to build. As we trust their long experience in this area, we decided to distribute PerformanSe tools in Italy, because of their holistic approach to the interpretation of human behaviour and for the unique and unparalleled completeness of their reports, added to a strong innovation capacity, which enables new tools to be constantly added to the platform.

For these precious allies to be most leveraged, it is essential to learn how to use them.

We are speaking to:

  • Companies, and specifically at those who are involved in development, training and selection processes;
  • Coaches, as independent consultants working for the companies;
  • Professional guidance and training experts who work in educational institutions, universities and employment centres.

We organise training courses where participants are presented with the methodologies required for the use of our tools starting from the Perf Echo model.
We are exclusive distributors in Italy, qualified to train people who want to equip themselves with these tools

What will you learn in these courses?

You will learn about the theoretical axioms that underlie the PerformanSe model and the ethical principles that govern the use of these tools, shared with the Association of Test Publishers (ATP). You will learn how to interpret the model through a systemic approach that helps understanding the behaviour, motivation and soft skills each individual implements in the context in which he or she is acting, starting from his/her key characteristics. You will learn how to contextualize the use of the tools in business development processes.

At the end of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized qualification certificate that proves that you have acquired the necessary skills to read and use this kind of tool. This qualification certificate will enable you to join a community and keep in touch with us through different channels. One of these will be the opportunity to participate in webinars on issues related to the use of the tools, which will be analysed more in depth starting from real-life example and case studies. Another opportunity will be our annual event, the Risorse Day, where we will meet to exchange training knowledge and connect with each other.

Using PerformanSe tools is useful. Using them correctly makes the difference.

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