Coaching & Career Coaching

Taking care of one’s growth has become a necessity in the individual’s career path. Changes in the world of labour and in business organisation are fast and affect us all as individuals, managers, entrepreneurs, directors or business functions. There is no specific time to do this, nor a predefined number of paths to walk: it is a process guided by our needs, which may be undertaken at every stage of our working life.

First step: being open to self-analysis and craving for change. Sometimes this can be very challenging, but everything is possible with the right help.

What can we say about coaching?

Coaching is an art. It is the art of helping people learn, grow and improve their performance, to make every aspect of their life more fulfilling. It is a focus on the individual, with the aim of increasing the skills and knowledgethat can help him/her to act more efficiently. Speaking of careers, coaching offers a new way of acting in one’s daily life, a different approach to obtain better results from oneself and from one’s co-workers.

There are a number of reasons that can lead someone to begin a coaching journey. There are three situations an individual may want to face in the best possible manner, for which we offer a specific tool:

Business Coaching

Business Coaching: for small and medium size business entrepreneurs, independent contractors and start-ups, to favour the achievement of a better balance between private and work life, and manage stress and change. This type of path offers many benefits, including the development of leadership skills and a better management of generational replacement processes. The growth of an individual leads to the improvement of the whole organisation in which he or she works, with more rewarding results for the company and with the creation of more constructive relationships.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: for executives and managers (CEOs, general directors, finance directors, purchase and marketing directors), it focuses on personal effectiveness, on the development of leadership skills, on business requirements, on role and career and personal aspirations. The strength of this coaching path is the possibility of obtaining results in organisations that require high-level performance. In addition to individual growth, it allows people to improve various skills, such as facilitating organisational change and improving corporate communication.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is the path for people who want to redesign their own careers either internally or externally to a company. We will accompany the person in balancing his/her career and help them put themselves out there. We will review your professional path together, focusing on strengths and focus areas through assessments at different levels, and defining learning programs to connect past, present and future. We will identify the “themes” of your career, so that you can bring your personal value to the company where you work or to a new company.

A coaching path is a space for you, where you can raise your awareness in the vision and interpretation of your role. We will become your counsellors during times of change or when you are facing particular challenges. We will not just give you notions, but we will help you internalize knowledge and methods to understand who you are and what you can do to get the most out of your assets, unlock your potential, and maximize your performance. We will help you address new challenges or improve existing approaches. Our coach will work with you in a constructive dialogue and figure out an appropriate action plan with the help of models, methods and techniques.

Using a metaphor (Abravanel and D’Agnese), a coaching path should help you behave like a chess player:

“A good player does not wonder how he will checkmate, but how to gain a strong position that allows him to defend himself, that does not expose him to excessive risks, and that gives him the greatest opportunity to continue the game.”

Companies are looking for strong and focused managers whose purpose is not to be approved, but to stand out and show their value, therefore being capable of “merging” with others, and making alliances and partnerships without fear of losing power, positions or recognition. Our task is to facilitate exchanges, learning, the vision of new opportunities, to deepen self-awareness and the knowledge of the surrounding context, while highlighting the skills that should be maximised. The lesson learned will include how to tackle complex situations autonomously by using available resources.

Organisations are moving from an era in which the focus was on the value of techniques to an era in which value is increased with ideas, imagination, knowledge, and satisfaction. In such a context, coaching is a great way to arise these values in people. Let them emerge in you.

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