New tool for entrepreneurial skills, unique in the market. Supports future entrepreneurs in starting and developing a project and allows existing entrepreneurs who are facing the challenges of strategic, organizational or relational problems in their business to focus on the skills that can support their action for improvement. The dominant entrepreneurial profile is identified among the 9 profiles identified by the PerformanSe model. Results are compared with the other 8 profiles to identify complementary profiles. Action plans can be better implemented with WeRentrepreneur to optimize potentials. For more information, visit the dedicated website

Complementary profiles are identified for association, for a more powerful and effective implementation of the entrepreneurial project. Helps understand how to react when under pressure and how to face challenging situations in the awareness of one’s own resources.

Interactive report to leverage results in entertaining and dynamic ways. Identification of positioning among 9 typical profiles for better appropriation. Representation of 9 core competences for the entrepreneur concerning: strategy, organization and interpersonal relationships, and 3 personal resources: confidence, boldness, and perseverance.

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