The combination of Brain and Behaviour. One of the last PerformanSe products, the result of continuous research for the improvement of the effectiveness of its tools. Based on a cognitive-behavioural approach, it is a psychometric tool that measures the potential of a candidate both from the behavioural and the cognitive points of view. It offers a clear and unique picture of the indispensable domains of the organizational context: influence, decision, effectiveness and agility. It provides a multidimensional profile that considers individual characteristics, behaviour, and motivation.

A complete questionnaire that combines the assessment of behaviour with practical cognitive exercises: innovation is the result of the combination of these two parameters. A tool that allows the person to be understood in his/her entirety, thus reducing personnel selection and mobility errors.

Indicators that compare cognitive and behavioural aspects for each of the domains analysed. Intuitive and powerful diagrams that highlight any discrepancy between the candidate’s behaviour and his/her cognitive potential.

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