Team Booster

A unique tool in the market, the result of 3 years of research, for the analysis and development of collective skills. The members of the group fill out a self-assessment questionnaire on their personal characteristics and an anonymous questionnaire where they express their point of view on the team: this helps the assessment of the team members’ perceptions and the internal team dynamics. The innovative aspect of this tool is that there is no comparison between individual team members, but the focus is on the dynamics within the whole group, considered as a system.
A great tool to understand and improve team work, resolve cohesion issues and conflicts, and improve collective performance.

Data are processed anonymously to facilitate the sharing of results with the team and to motivate each team member to engage in the collective development plan. It helps the team leader better understand his team and his/her positioning within the team, while also providing support in the management of the team.

Easy-to-interpret diagrams accompanied by text information for better comprehension. Team trend analysis in three areas: climate, activity and strategy. Comparison between the behavioural trends of the team and those of the team leader. Suggestions for the analysis of the main challenges for the team and the team leader.

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