Perf Talents

A library of 54 skills, covering 5 macro-areas: relational, fulfilling, cognitive, managerial, personal skills. This tool relates the parameters provided by a company to the information obtained with assessment questionnaire. It measures coverage rates and mismatches between the expectations of the company and the potential of the assessed individuals with the purpose of implementing appropriate action plans. It is the best way to communicate the company’s expectations to one’s collaborators, because linking the soft skills of each individual to the cultural context in which he/she operates is very important. It prepares for the creation of collective maps.

Talent is the tool PerformanSe has created to personalize the assessment process by building or understanding the behaviour and values expressed by each skill model adopted by a company through the creation of specific skill profiles.

The assessment process is enriched. In addition to the results of the Echo report, the Talent report is specifically focused on the job description or on a specific model, based on the culture of the company and on its perspective requirements.

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