This tool is dedicated to Human Resources professionals who assess candidates for management positions and for managers who want to improve their soft skills to grow in their careers. It provides reliable and objective information on the managerial profile of the candidate and helps preparing the most appropriate development plans for their needs. Managers learn how to be better aware of their strengths and progress areas with valuable practical suggestions. This skill model is the result of scientific research work based on specific studies and on interviews with experts and specialists. Standardization on 13,080 active managers globally

Correlates the reading of the skill owned with the actual behaviour adopted. Spreads light on the thinking scheme of the candidate and how it can affect the expression of his/her potential: the spread between what is shown today and what could be tomorrow.

Diagrams showing comfort areas, adaptation and effort for 14 key behavioural skills in managers. A summary of the main challenges for the candidate. In-depth questions for the assessor.

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