Personality is an internal force, a dynamic process consisting of patterns of responses that reflect in many directions, such as behaviour, thoughts and feelings. The aim of PerformanSe is, for the business environment, to set up an operative model towards the reading of personality in action, from the point of view of the enacted behaviour and the motivations that sustain it. A real "toolbox" for those who are involved in selecting and growing People in Organizations.

Perf Echo
The tool to understand the behaviours and motivations of candidates and collaborators.
Perf Manager
It is a tool to support decision and development processes for HR professionals.
WAY-R is an operational evaluation tool, based on a dictionary of 46 universal behavioural skills.
Perf Sales
Perf Sales is a tool for HR professionals who wish to evaluate candidates for the performance of commercial functions or to support growth, training and development.
Perf Oriente
To guide the choice in orientation paths and balance of skills.
WeRentrepreneur allows to support a future entrepreneur, or a young person, in the launch and development of his project.
Perf Talents
Perf Talents allows you to build in a simple, fast and reliable way, referential behavioural skills adapted to the specifics and the stakes of your company.