Perf Talents

Perf Talents allows you to build in a simple, fast and reliable way, referential behavioural skills adapted to the specifics and the stakes of your company.

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The predictive power of a job profile is based on the consideration of the craft specific competences. If, for a long time, experiential requirements and theoretical knowledge have been taken into account as essential elements of competence, it is not the same for behavioural and motivational requirements. Yet the latter are just as important for defining "competence", especially if we think of it as closely related to the cultural context of reference.

It is possible to choose from a library of 54 indicators the essential ones for each function, taking into account the diversity of expected and desired behaviours in your company, establishing the degree of importance and the level of expectation on each competence.



To evaluate the candidates / collaborators according to the Organization's expectations

To easily compare the suitability of candidates with the criteria for a certain position

To measure coverage rates and discrepancies between expectations and potential of the assessed person, with the aim of implementing appropriate action plans

To identify and understand successful behaviours within the company or on a specific function

To accompany employees in their evolution, with adequate and optimized development plans

To clarify and better communicate the company's expectations to its employees

The added value

A tool that allows you to build referentials and make them available in a few days.

A library of 54 skills, divided into 5 macro areas: relational skills, implementation skills, cognitive skills, managerial skills, personal resources

The possibility of defining the levels of acceptability and introducing the concept of "behavioural flexibility", to avoid a too standardised benchmark and to develop a more qualitative approach to the performances