Improving the Collective Performance

An innovative approach to improve the work of the teams that considers performance as a process and allows to improve the collective effectiveness through the engagement of each one in the planning of the team development operational plans.


Performance is not a result that can simply be measured by an indicator. It is a process that includes the organization, the sharing of information, the management of conflicts and, more generally, the collaboration between the participants in the team that makes the achievement of the objectives effective.
Understanding the conditions that allow the development of collective skills is at the basis of the new way of understanding management and leadership.

A new perspective for the development of the collaborative performance
Collaboration is not a spontaneous process, it is a path that must be conceived, managed and optimized. For this reason, collaborative performance is not intended as a sort of "atmosphere", of well-being in the workplace, of seminars or occasional activities of team building, but as a deep understanding of what a team is and how it actually works, as if we were speaking of a human being.

Our approach to team development is based on two axes:
1) An analysis tool that integrates two survey axes: the opinion that the participants have of the team's climate and performance and the analysis of the collective behavioural skills which is the basis for the eight main areas of performance supervision: Team Booster.
2) A personalized Team Coaching path, to accompany team to efficiently deal with the challenges of growth, to develop engagement and work better together.


The added value