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  • Like all HR managers, over the years I have built a network of "insiders", which took me a few years ago to participate in a GIDP conference during which I heard Andrea Bennardo make an intervention on assessments and presenting Perf Echo. Usually these tools are used in three cases: assumptions, promotions or in the need to create new structures. Best Western was not in any of these three moments, but we decided to make a probably unusual choice, especially at this time of crisis: to give our employees the opportunity to stop, think about themselves and be able to work on their strengths and areas for improvement.
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  • The choice of tools arises from the need of this company to make informed decisions in the evaluation of employees, during the selection of new staff. In fact, it has been found that the costs for the training of new employees with highly specialised technical skills are significant, that the territory does not offer personnel with these skills, so the company assumes the responsibility for training, but also wants to create a relationship that is as stable and lasting as possible with its employees. Download pdf and read the full document