Assessment and customized skills models

Through the Lead Up by PerformanSe methodology we help you build your skills "referential".


With this expression we mean the process of building a specific model of competences for the company and the correlation of it with the model of behavioural and motivational skills developed by PerformanSe. In this way it is possible, i.e. in a recruiting process, to enrich the job description by highlighting and measuring the core competencies for the position in question. In the same way, in a development path within the company, it is possible to identify key competences through which you can map individuals or a population, in order to measure the coverage rates of the competences themselves and support the definition of training and development.

Innovation in the assessment process
The central idea of the Lead Up approach developed by PerformanSe is that the notion of competence cannot be reduced to a simple set of duties or ability to establish links and solve problems.

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It is primarily based on the logic of actions influenced by the company's cultural norms. This cultural element influences the way in which an organisation interprets a function and develops a specific trade identity. To incorporate cultural indicators into the evaluation and development process it is therefore necessary to build a model of cultural competences to be correlated with the results of the assessments.

There is no single way to behave and succeed in the same profession. Understanding this diversity and recognising the different ways of adapting to work is a delicate but necessary exercise that is particularly useful for establishing a true dynamic of skills management. It is for this reason that job profiles must consider the sphere of behavioural and motivational competences appropriate to each environment, to constitute a real added value and to increase the professional identity of a company. To exit the rigid imposition of the "standard profile" or of the "ideal profile" therefore means to avoid the rigidity of a monolithic culture to go towards the reading of real behaviours in specific work situations.

Added value